No Refined Flour

Our cake premix powder is made with the richness of 100% wholewheat flour. No maida or refined flour is used in our premix.

No Preservatives

Our premix powder is free from any kind of preservatives and is made fresh.

No White Sugar

We have used refined version of cane sugar to give sweetness to the premix.

100% Wholewheat CAKE PREMIX .

Bake your own fluffy and deliciously guilt free Healthy Vanilla Cake with our 100 %Wholesome Atta and Khandsari sugar Cake Mix. No compromises anywhere, just 100% Wholesome!

Made with 100% Whole Wheat Flour & Khandsar Sugar. ZERO Refined Flour & Refined Sugar.

– Eggless & Vegan Friendly.

– Bake in Oven/Kadai/Pressure Cooker

– No Preservatives, only Quality Ingredients. Shelf life 90 days.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, our cake premix is 100% wholewheat and does not contain any maida. It has 0% Refined Flour.

Yes, it is suitable for vegetarians.

No, it does not contain egg.

To bake a cake with our premix powder, you just need to add two ingredients: Milk and Oil.

Yes absolutely. If you have interest in baking or beginning to learn baking, this is a perfect tool to get your hands in.

Empower your baking skills with our 100% Wholewheat cake premix powder

How to Bake a Cake using our premix powder

You can bake a cake just in 3 simple steps:

Pour – Mix – Bake

Watch the video to find detailed instructions.

Healthy baking starts with good ingridients.

 We only bring you the best.

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