5 Whole wheat Bread With 1 Recipe

Make 5 different flavoured loaves of bread with our 1 single bread recipe. 

100% whole wheart bread.

100% Whole wheat breads

After a lot of experiments, we have put together a fail proof recipe for making whole wheat breads with the comfort of your home.
🀜 No maida
🀜 No egg
🀜 No artificial gluten
🀜 No Butter

With the our basic whole wheat bread recipe (no maida), you can make these 5 flavours:

1. Spinach whole wheat bread
2. Pull apart whole wheat bread
3. Garlic whole wheat bread
4. Braided stuffed whole wheat bread
5. Masala whole wheat bread

We have put together this recipe after a few experiments.

Garlic Bread

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