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If you don’t know what macarons are, French cookies are made from almond sugar and egg whites. They have a crispy, delicate shell and a soft center, which is very chewy. They are often of different flavors and not very sweet as they may look, but they are tasty. These meringues-based French treats are exceptionally addictive in taste. Meringue’s decisions are practically limitless to make these light and cushy French treats more appealing and extraordinary. The kind of macarons is directed exclusively by its filling. The treat formula is really something similar for each macaron. These are light and tasty with their firm and chewy taste that gives you the most extreme delight, and you love to have it increasingly more without fail.

Let us learn more about macarons, different flavors of macarons, varieties of macarons available in Bengaluru, India. Also, where to buy them online, and much more.


How to make macarons

There are two fundamental techniques for making a macaron – the “French” strategy and the “Italian” strategy. The distinction between the two is how the meringue is made.

In the French method, the egg whites are whisked till. The meringue forms a stiff peak. Then, the sifted ground almonds and powdered sugar are slowly folded until you get the exact consistency. 

The Italian way consists of whisking the egg whites with hot sugar syrup, which will then form a meringue. Icing sugar and sifted almonds are mixed with the raw eggs together. The paste formed is mixed with the meringue to form the mixture for the macaron.

Why are macarons so expensive?

Compared to the average sweet snack, macarons are more on the pricey side because of the expensive ingredients and the time and skill it takes to make them. Egg whites and almond flour, which are the two main ingredients, are not easy to get. 

Comparable to different flours, almond flour is a few times more costly (and healthier also) . Concerning eggs, they are utilized in an assortment of other prepared products; however, being that eggs make up a major piece of the macaron (the egg yolk isn’t utilized), the expenses add up. Moreover, the filling sandwiched in the middle of the macaron treats requires other exorbitant fixings like chocolate and, in some cases, colorful flavorings.

Apart from the ingredients’ actual price, the level of expertise in making these snacks is just on a higher level. It is not as easy as making other simple pastries. For every one of the reasons given above, macarons, comparative with their size, are typically valued higher than different cakes like cakes or frozen yogurt.

Different flavors of macarons

There are a variety of flavors for macarons, including Chocolate, double chocolate, vanilla, caramel, cheesecake, Nutella, gingerbread, tiramisu, fruity pebbles, creamsicle, red velvet, frosted flakes, cookies and cream, cinnamon toast crunch, hot chocolate, oreo, kit kat, etc.

You can buy macarons from stores, restaurants, and cafés near you since they are sweet snacks that can be taken with tea, hot chocolate, and any other beverage of choice.

There are also single-color macarons, like pink macarons and white macarons. The pink macarons to buy are of the strawberry and raspberry flavors. You can also buy white macarons which are made of cream.

Are macarons gluten-free? Healthy or not healthy? Click here to know.

Buy macarons online

Here are several online shops and cafés in Bengaluru that sell macarons; the hours of service may differ. When your search where to buy macarons near me, these are some of the places you are likely to get. Below Is a list of some of them:

  • Amandé Patisserie
  • Café Hops

The places to ‘buy near me’ depends on your location to the nearest macaron shop or café. These are just some of the online stores where you can buy macarons from in Bangalore. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding commemoration, child naming service, kids party, or just casual get-together with companions, you won’t neglect to eat macarons and show your affection to your companions or family.

These French treats or macarons at Bangalore are famous on celebrations like Christmas, Easter, New year, and so forth… or valentine’s day to present or imparted to your friends and family exceptionally uncommon delectable treat.

How to order macarons

You can buy macarons online in Bangalore with just simple steps through your phone or any other mobile device that you have. Before anything, you will select your preferred online store then fill in the details for your order. Most of the online stores do home delivery, which is a plus to you since you will not spend your time going to pick your order at a specific pick-up point.

You can basically find any online or physical store to buy your macarons from the internet. Since we know that the internet has answers to everything, please do your research before you settle on any specific store that you want to buy from.

In conclusion, these sweet treats known as the macarons originate from the French culture. They can be made in two ways, the French way and the Italian way. They can be bought online from cafeterias all over Bangalore, India. They can be eaten on their own or taken with a beverage of your choice. Also, they are quite pricey compared to other snacks made with pastry. The level of expertise needed to make them is very high, and therefore, one has to be very careful when making them so as not to burn them.

When you need that authentic taste of French macarons and you are in Bengaluru, check out the Rituals Kitchen. They have an array of different flavors French macarons in their shop. For more information, click on this link

Finally, they are considered as one of the classy snacks or treats to ever been made. This is because not many people can afford to have them daily. But, this should not stop you from visiting any of the online stores mentioned above to have a taste of these sweet treats. Feel free to contact us, order online and indulge in the delicacy.

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