Bread baking recipe

With Lockdown on its way, people have reached their maximum level of being quarantine. They have tried almost everything they always wanted to do but could not find the time to do it. You must have noticed that social media was flooded with photos and videos of food, what they cooked in breakfast, lunch, and dinner, what new did they try.

Indian Express says “As per a Google Trends report, people have looked up more recipes than at any other time in history in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, reported Daily Mail.” If by any chance you missed it out, it also clearly states that since lockdown in India started, there has been an eye-opening increase in the search for different types of recipes. Banana bread is at the top of the search list.

People are searching for making bread with yeast or without yeast, how to make banana bread, recipes for sourdough, bread roll recipe, etc. Among all this, while trying various things that they were buying from outside earlier, people have found their new hobby- bread baking.

Just when the lockdown started, there was a limited supply of basic things like bread loaves at some places due to lack of raw material, flour mills were not operational, and also there was no manpower.

Bread Baking is an Art

The best part of bread baking is that it can be done with just three or four ingredients. Bread baking is a little tricky and that’s mainly because of the yeast. First of all, there is a wide variety of yeasts available in the market like dry yeast, fresh yeast, etc. Secondly, when you keep yeast for activating, it may not rise or it may die. So, it is purely an art to bake a perfect bread with yeast and that too with limited resources during this lockdown period when the flour and the yeast seem to be running out of stock. But it is great to see that with other things on the list for a trial like whole wheat cakes, whole wheat cookies, desserts, snacks etc., bread baking is also on the list of some people.

Cooking and baking have come out to be as a therapy that is giving satisfaction and peace to some people. Some people say that kneading for bread gives them comfort and reduces stress. Some also say that they have now discovered bread baking as their hobby.

After discovering this as a hobby, many people are trying to be perfect in this piece of art so that they choose this as their profession, they may become home bakers or they may choose to open their own bakery. Some people have baked it for the first time in this lockdown period, some are enjoying baking it with their family.

So what are you thinking about? Check out this recipe of how to bake bread and just get started.

Whole wheat flour- 1 cup (240ml)

Salt- ½ tsp

Vanilla powder (optional)- ¼ tsp

Calcium powder (optional)- ¼ tsp

Oil/ butter- 2 to 3 tsp (and some more for greasing)

Sugar- ½ tsp

Yeast- 1 tsp

Water- 70 to 80 ml (may vary)


1. In a cup, take some lukewarm water (20-25ml) and dissolve sugar in it.  

2. Now add dry yeast to it and give it a good stir. Cover the cup and keep it in a warm place for 10 min.

3. Take a bowl and add whole wheat flour, salt, vanilla powder, calcium powder, and butter/ oil. Mix it thoroughly.

4. Check the yeast. If the bubbles are formed, your yeast is activated. Pour it in the above bowl and start kneading by using a stretch and fold method or using a machine.

5. Knead for at least 10 min. After 10 minutes, check the elasticity of your dough. If it is not tearing on starching, that means your dough is done.

6. Now keep it in a greased airtight container or in a greased bowl and cover it with a cling wrap for 45 min. (in winters, keep it for at least 1 hr).

7. You would see that your dough has doubled. Now punch the dough to release the air and knead for 2-3 minutes again.

8. Grease the loaf tin.

9. Give shape to the dough and put it in the bread loaf tin for proofing again for 45 min. Remember to cover your dough properly.

10. Preheat the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes.

11. Brush the dough with milk and keep the loaf tin in the oven for 30-35 minutes.

12. After the dough is baked, cover it with a wet cloth and let it cool.

13. Now cut the loaf into slices and have it with butter or jam or the way to enjoy the most.

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