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Macaron baking is very popular but it’s one of the toughest things to crack. I am certain whoever has ever tried baking these little sweet burger macarons, have had a lot of issues and it is difficult to get it right. Here is a macaron baking guide to help you bake delicious and perfect macarons that are smooth, round, smooth, have wrinkled feet and are not dry, hollow browned or have sticky bottoms. These are some of the most common hurdles that bakers usually come across in their macaron baking journey. We started with absolute zero experience in baking macarons but finally managed to get it right. From our journey and experience of macaron baking, we have put together some common mistakes that can be easily avoided and you can make some yummy treats for your loved ones.

Let’s dive straight into perfect macaron making guide:

  1. No Wrinkled feet macarons – The most common problem we have noticed is when you bake macarons, they will not develop wrinkled feets. Why would that be? The reason is your macaron batter is still and not rested enough to develop a dry skin. Always make sure, once you have added batter to the macaron sheet, let it rest until it forms a dry skin. The dry skin traps the air and makes the macaron rise. Therefore, it is vital to let it form. It mostly takes half an hour but can take around 2 hours as well as its affected by the weather as well. If it’s too humid or tropical, it will take long to see the dry macaron skin. You can touch the macaron and it should feel dry.
  2. Macaron shells are porous with little holes – This is caused when meringue batter is too wet or too soft. If the batter is too soft, that means it’s not ready to pipe it. You have to make sure you are getting stiff peaks. However, if the batter is too wet, then try to avoid using any liquid ingredient like liquid food colour. Try to use gel based or powder based food colours. Make sure the mixing bowl is properly cleaned and rinsed.
  1. Sticky macarons bottom – Sometimes baked macarons are hard to leave on the sheet and are difficult to release from the macaron baking sheet. Normally this happens when macarons are under baked. Make sure the oven temperature is right. It could also be because macarons are too wet. Once macarons are baked, always let it cool before you take it out.
  2. Hollow Macaron Shells – Sometimes you will notice that your macaron shells are hollow. The macarons may look good from outside but the issue lies deep inside. That is hollow shells. This is normally caused by overbeating of meringue. Perfect whipped meringue is required to avoid hollow shells. Once you have reached a stiff peak, stop whipping immediately.
  3. Cracked Macaron Shells – Most of the time, macarons come in perfect shape and size but the top of the macaron shell is cracked. It spoils the look of the shiny macaron. This usually happens due to the following reasons: 
    1. Baking temperature is too high
    2. Excess air trapped inside the macaron shell

It can be easily fixed by making sure you are beating the meringue until you get hard peaks. When you put the batter on the macaron sheet, tap the tray against your counter a few times to get rid of any excess air. Last but not the least, oven baking temperature needs to be experimented. Make sure you pre-heat the oven.

These are the most common mistakes when baking little french treats. Most of the issues arise if the meringue which sugar and egg white mix is not properly whipped and not showing stiff peaks. Missing vital steps like forming dry skin on the macaron and letting it cool down once baked, can result in a disaster. Test your oven temperature with a small batch recipe as all ovens work differently. This will help you understand what is the right baking temperature for you.

If you need a perfect recipe and want to make a small batch of macarons to start with you, check out our recipe here. Don’t forget to follow Rituals Kitchen on Instagram to stay tuned to our baking journey.

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