wholewheat cakes

Lately, people are becoming more and more health-conscious and they are trying to replace unhealthy ingredients with healthier options wherever possible. The same is seen very much in the baking section also. From maida (refined flour) bread people are switching to whole wheat bread, from maida pizza base to whole wheat pizza base, they prefer whole wheat cakes, biscuits, and cookies than the refined flour ones.

Why should we start using Whole Wheat Flour for making Cakes?

Not only the wheat flour adds more nutrition to the cakes, but it also makes it more flavourful. Whole wheat also has many health benefits like the risk of obesity, heart diseases and strokes is reduced. It also has many other benefits. But, since whole wheat flour is heavier than the refined flour, the products that we bake may look a little drier and coarse. So what can we do to avoid our whole wheat cake to be like that?

Here is one simple thing you can try to save your whole wheat cake from becoming dry and coarse.

Let your batter hydrate just before baking it. Yes, resting and hydration of the whole wheat cake batter is very important to keep the cake moist. You can just give 10-15minutes for this and in the meanwhile, you can preheat the oven. If you still have some more time, you can clear your workstation till then. This process is important because of the presence of wheat and bran both in the whole wheat flour. This resting time softens the bran and wheat and hydrates them.

I noticed this when I was done with making the batter and just as I was about to put it to baking, the electricity went off. The electricity came back after around 20 minutes and then I preheated the oven again. I was afraid if the cake would come out well or not. But to my surprise, the cake was baked even better than any other time. It was then that I realized that resting and hydration are really important. The whole wheat cake this time was moist and tender.


So, whenever you bake a whole wheat cake next time, do not forget to give it some time to rest and hydrate to get a moist and tender end product.

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