Have you ever wondered or ever been thinking if Macarons are gluten free or not? With this post, we will try to dissect all the ingredients used for baking macarons and what forms are gluten free. Macarons have originated from Italy and the name came from the  Italian word ‘maccherone’ which means fine dough. Traditionally macarons are made with 3 key ingredients – sugar, almond flour, and egg whites. These 3 ingredients are used to make macarons chips or macarons cookies you can call it. However, there are numerous ways to make a cream filling with unlimited flavors. Let’s come to that later.

First, the 3 key ingredients – sugar, almond flour, and egg whites. All three are gluten free. Gluten is normally found in high protein cereals like wheat, barley and many more. Sometimes, when in the same kitchen, other grains are being used, we need to be extra careful as not to bake macarons at the same time. 

Usually, macarons cookies are available in different colors. Food coloring is also gluten-free or you can use real food colors.

Now comes the cream filling which is normally made using cream or jam which are gluten-free. For flavours, we use a variety of essence or food extract.

However, there are some variations of macarons that I have seen which puts it under the non-gluten category. The first variation is making macaron cookies and cream with oreo crumbs. The second variation is if you replace cream filling with cookie dough. Why is it not gluten free? Because it contains a mixture of high protein cereals.


Now are macarons a healthy dessert or not?

Well when you say dessert, the other name is sugar. Yes, macarons’ sugar content is very high. But due to the use of almond flour and egg whites, protein content is also very high and low cholesterol levels. The only evil ingredient is sugar which may not go very well with your health. The only advice here would be to eat in a moderate quantity so you can enjoy the taste without hurting your health. 

At Rituals Kitchen, we attempted to make it with less sugar than the traditional recipe. So far, we have received good feedback. Get in touch with us if you would like to know more about our recipes. Do visit Rituals Kitchen Instagram page and follow our journey.

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