It may seem to be an easy to do thing for some people but a big task for others. The tips for baking a cake may be really simple but they play a vital role when you want to bake a perfect cake. You should pat your back each time you bake a perfect cake and if it doesn’t come out to be perfect, there is always a next time to try.

People around the world have been making varieties of cakes. Everyone follows a different recipe and you can also find loads of recipes on google, social media, magazines, from friends and relatives, etc. Even if one person is able to make a good cake with one recipe, it might not come out well with the other person because he/she might have missed out on something or did something in a way different from the actual one.

Tips for Baking a Perfect Cake

As said earlier, tips for baking a perfect cake may sound really simple but you cannot afford to overlook them. They must be followed without missing any of these points. Let us now understand each of the following points and reasons why each of these points is important for baking a perfect cake.

1. Preheat the Oven

Preheating the oven for baking a caking is extremely important. It should be done for 10-15min at the temperature mentioned in the recipe you are following. Never put your batter in the oven before it is preheated. Following are the reasons behind this:

·  The cake batter will begin to cook right from the center in a preheated oven.

·  Some agents in the cake like baking soda and baking powder need heat right from the beginning so as to give a good texture and browning and also to rise properly.

·  Since preheating the oven heats up the walls also when we open the oven, the temperature quickly heats up again to the set temperature.

2. Ingredients should be at Room Temperature

For the best result, use all the ingredients at room temperature. Be it butter, milk, any other liquid or any other thing, make sure it is at room temperature. If you have refrigerated some of the ingredients, take them out of the refrigerators hours before making the batter so that they can come to a normal temperature.

3. Take Correct Measurements

Approximations do not work well in baking. To bake a perfect cake, you must take accurate measurements of each and everything. Use appropriate measuring cups and measuring spoons each time you are baking something. If you are replacing refined flour with whole wheat flour in a recipe then you may have to add a little more milk for getting the desired consistency as whole wheat is denser than refined flour.

4. Sift the Dry Ingredients

Sifting the dry ingredients is important to remove the impurities as well as to add air into them. This added air would make the cake fluffy and light. If you are using refined flour, you should sift at least 4-5 times and 8-9 times if using whole wheat flour. Also, remember that shifting should be done from a height to add even more air.

5. Baking Soda and Baking Powder

Since both of these ingredients look very much similar, it confuses many people. You must understand that both these ingredients are different and should be added only as per the recipe.

6. Add dried fruits/ nuts in the flour

If you want to add nuts in the cake batter, roll them in a little flour and then add it to the cake batter. This would not let the dried fruits or nuts sink down to the bottom and would also spread them evenly in the cake.

7. Adding Essence

Essence should be added with the wet ingredients as they absorb flavors quickly.

8. Do not beat the batter

After adding the flour, do not beat the batter. Beating the batter after adding the flour makes the cake heavier. Beating the liquids like butter, yogurt or eggs makes the cake fluffy so beat them even more but after adding the wheat flour or the refined flour, you should use the cut and fold method only. While using this method, keep scraping the sides from time to time.

You might be knowing these tips already, maybe some of them or all of them, but we can always have a look at them again. So just go through these tips before you begin to make the next cake. We will come up with some more tips for baking a perfect cake in our next post.

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