bakery innov8

Rituals Kitchen had an amazing experience when we set up our bakery pop-up at one of the most beautifully crafted co-working space Innov8 at Gurugram orchid center. It enhances the overall working environment using industrial design language. It offers a modern workspace with high speed internet. It was great to get the opportunity to be able to present 100% wholewheat bakery items and some international cuisines like French Macarons made with  egg whites and almond flour. We were amazed to receive the overwhelming response by the audience of the co-working space. We were also delighted that everyone enjoyed the taste and also left a beautiful comment for Rituals Kitchen on our Instagram page.

The most selling product was tea time dry cakes. We had a lot of flavours like marble cake, banana walnut, rose flavour, chocolate, vanilla and many more. All were made with 100% wholewheat and no maida at all which is our selling point as we are striving to make healthy dessert items.

Have you ever heard of eggless wholewheat brownies? We were surprised that a lot of people came to us asking for Brownies as it is loved by all chocolate lovers. We baked brownies with 100% wholewheat, no maida and no egg. Perfect healthy delight and it was hit especially after lunch time.

We would like to expand our brand and spread the taste of wholewheat flour cakes, muffins and cookies. Not only this, we also want to bring the taste of international desserts which are rare to find. Get in touch with us today to host a successful bakery pop up. If you would like to follow us, please visit our instagram page.

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