Bakery workshop at WeWork

Bengaluru is called India’s Silicon Valley. This place gives a chance to every startup like us which wants to bring change in the way things have been going on which results in positive change. So, this is the perfect city to try our brand and showcase our bakery items. We hosted our bakery pop-up in one of the most growing co-working spaces, WeWork. There are more than 8 branches across Bengaluru. We got the opportunity to host at the Hebbal branch. We had 4 categories: cakes, muffins, cookies and macarons. All the items were made with 100% wholewheat and no maida.

The best selling was again our Banana Walnut cake. It is not just made with 100% wholewheat but also vegan. So if you are a Vegan, this cake is a delight for you.

In Bengaluru, we found out the craze for french macarons. It got sold out very quickly after the Banana walnut cake.

Macarons were in 4 flavours – Rose, vanilla, mixed fruit and choco with Nutella cream. Macarons have a perfect blend of sugar and almond flour and are never too sweet for dessert lovers. And there are unlimited flavours available. So, we are hoping to introduce new flavours in the next event.

We would like to expand our brand to leave our mark and spread the taste of wholewheat flour cakes, muffins and cookies. Not only this, we also want to bring the taste of international desserts which are rare to find. Get in touch with us today to host a successful bakery pop up. If you would like to follow us, please visit our instagram page. 

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